To the Saw Dust Team,
 It has been ten months since the twins were born and the 
dresser went into full time use. 
I have been remiss in sending you a picture of how it looks  in the room and in thanking you for such a great job you did.
Austin has his clothes in the right side draws and Adeline 
the lefts side, and the top draws are for common items.  
As you can see it looks beautiful and goes really well with 
the jungle theme I panted the room.

Thanks again for the great job you did.



10/17/2015 5:26am

That wooden box is very nice and it's design is amazing. The painting in background is awesome and specially animals are looking very nice there.

08/03/2017 11:57pm

Obviously, they did a good job on the twin's room. They made the room perfect and suitable for these babies so they can have a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience. By the way, I want to congratulate Saw Dust Team for getting numerous positive reviews from their clients. They are just proving that deliver good service and has a good materials for their projects. I am hoping to work with them soon!

11/05/2016 11:14am

Nice room for the child! Looks sweet with that drawings!


Lovely evephants there! I like that nice colors of the wall! They are calming :)

04/04/2017 2:38am

I was once a client of Saw Dust and I am 100% satisfied with their works. As a mom, it's always the best that I would want for my child. Even in the cabinets, I would always choose the best ones! Since I was reading reviews on the internet, I had the idea that Saw Dust delivers good quality. Of course that's really nice to hear! Reviews were right!

04/19/2017 3:56pm

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